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Monstera Deliciosa ‘Cheese Plant’ – Pests & Yellowing Leaves

Diagnosis & Prescription 

Patient Name



Yellowing/Browning leaves with tiny black insects on them.


Thrips – Also known as thunder flies, are tiny insect species that can feed on the leaves of houseplants and cause them damage. They were causing damage and yellowing to the leaves.


Clean the plant under a shower to remove the insects, making sure to get underneath the plant and in any unfurled leaves, repotting the houseplant into fresh soil and using Thrip treatment. On the Highland Moss website, we have a blog post written about home remedies to prevent and eliminate pests. That blog post can be found here.


Thrips can spread to other houseplants so it is always best to check all your other plants to make sure no Thrips have infested. Keep infected plants in quarantine during the treatment. Is also good to isolate new plants for some time to make sure that not coming with pests before introducing them to your indoor jungle. 

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