Use the calendar below to select a date to book in one of our available workshop sessions. There is a non refundable deposit of £10 per session and this amount will be deducted from your bill on the day.

What’s On

Repotting Sessions

Repotting brings many benefits for your plant. Fresh soil rich in nutrients helps the plant to grow and helps roots to receive more air.

The new potting mix will be more loose which helps to prevent waterlogging and as a results overwatering and root rot. Regularly changed soil also helps with pest prevention, soil containeed with for example fungus gnat eggs will be change to fresh one.

Read our guide on when to repot your plants here!

We would like to invite everyone to our repotting service. Most plants will benefit from repotting every 1-2 years.

These sessions are hosted at our shop in Aberdeen and are one to one.

We will take care of all your plants, provide a new nursery pot and premium Highland Moss potting mix specially selected for your plant. We will also give you tips and advice for each plant.

During our one to one session we will show you how to repot the plant in a gentle way or if you prefer, we can do it together to build your confidence in plant care.

For plants with aerial roots like Monstera, Syngonium or Philodendron we will be also able to recommend a suitable moss pole and install it in the pot for you. Your plant will love our handpicked fresh sphagnum moss and will grow bigger leaves and denser foliage!

What will happen during our 1:1 repotting session

1. Discuss the plant history, overview current care instructions

2. Select suitable potting mix and pot size

3. Plants repotting, we can do it for you or we can repot together. During this time we will also check the roots etc.

4. Option for upgrade for moss pole, present available sizes, and colours. Moss pole installation

5. Clean leaves, with neem oil mix and prune the plant leaves if necessary.

6. Discuss future care instructions.

7. Free hugs with Noel our shop dog included with every visit.

These prices are based on the current pot size (width) which we will then repot into one of our larger nursery pots:

  • Small – up to 8cm – £5
  • Medium – 9 – 12cm – £9
  • Large – 13 – 17cm – £15
  • XL – up to 24cm – £19

These are the prices per pot repotted. This includes our one to one session, premium homemade potting mix, new nursery pot and tips and care advice for your individual plants and environment.

Additional products such as moss poles, soil toppers, planters etc are also available on the day for an additional charge.

At time of booking we just take a non refundable deposit (which will be deducted from your final bill). When you have your repotting session we will charge you for the repotting

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