The Air Purifying Benefits of Houseplants: 5 Recommendations from Highland Moss!

Air purifying plants offer a range of benefits that extend beyond their aesthetic appeal. These green companions have the remarkable ability to naturally cleanse and enhance the air quality in indoor spaces. Air purifying houseplants will actively remove toxins and pollutants from the air through a process called phytoremediation.

The presence of greenery has been shown to have a calming effect on the mind and body. These houseplants can contribute to reduced stress, anxiety, and even blood pressure levels, creating a more serene and relaxing environment. Air purifying houseplants act as a natural filter, trapping dust particles and airborne contaminants on their leaves and in the soil. This helps reduce the overall particulate matter in the air, leading to cleaner, fresher surroundings.

Beyond their functional benefits, air purifying plants add beauty and charm to indoor spaces. Their various shapes, sizes, and colours can complement any interior design style, creating a visually pleasing ambience.

Incorporating air purifying houseplants into your home or office can have a profound impact on your overall health and well-being. Not only will these houseplants bring a healthier atmosphere, but they will also bring a sense of tranquillity and brightness from nature into your everyday life.

At Highland Moss, we have several air purifying houseplants in stock that can be directly searched on our website or found in our store on Constitution Street in Aberdeen.

We have put together a list of 5 recommendations we have for great air purifying houseplants that will instantly brighten up your home or workplace.

sansevieria laurentii variegata, snake plant, in a 17cm pot on a woooden table

Snake Plant 

Sansevieria is also known as Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. This popular and versatile plant is perfect for any home or workplace. This plant is loved for its low maintenance requirements and unique appearance

Sansevieria plants have long, narrow leaves that grow vertically from the base of the plant. The leaves are also thick and fleshy, which allows them to store water and makes them tolerant to periods of drought.

Sansevieria is an ideal choice for low-light areas, as it can tolerate both bright and low-light conditions. It is also drought-tolerant, meaning it requires very little watering and is an excellent choice for those who may forget to water their plants regularly. The Snake Plant is a great, easy-to-care-for houseplant that is recommended for beginners 

Sansevieria plants have been shown to remove harmful toxins from the air, making them a valuable addition to any indoor space.

Our Snake Plants can be found here.

photo taken in front of storefront calathea prayer plant in a 21cm pot plant is 110cm height

Calathea Prayer Plant

The Calathea, often referred to as the Prayer Plant, is renowned for its captivating foliage that folds in the evening, it’s a stunning addition to any indoor jungle. This plant thrives in moderate to bright indirect light and prefers consistently moist soil during hot months and you can let the soil dries out between waterings in winter. It is also essential to maintain a humid environment through regular misting or placing a humidifier nearby, as the plant is native to tropical regions. Avoid overwatering and make sure to use good quality growing medium created for Calathea plants when repotting.

With proper care, Calathea can continue to thrive and add a pop of colour to your indoor space. Its low-maintenance nature and air-purifying abilities make it a perfect choice for plant enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The Calathea Prayer Plant can be found here.

freshly picked pink sphagnum moss by Highland Moss

Sphagnum Moss

Now, for our third recommendation, we recommend Sphagnum Moss, Moss is the oldest plant in the world, it has been around for over 400 million years! It is a hugely versatile plant, ideal for everything from a soil mix to wall art.

All moss, even preserved moss, is exceptional at cleaning the air. Just a small lawn-sized patch of moss absorbs more carbon than 275 trees. Adding moss to your home not only brings natural beauty, but it improves the air quality too.

We handpick our gorgeous Sphagnum moss from our exclusive sites in the North of Scotland. In these locations, there are forestry operations, so we carefully pick our moss before these areas are disturbed by the machinery.

Our Sphagnum Moss is perfect to put in terrariums as a natural alternative to mesh that can be added just above the drainage layer. Our terrariums can be found here. This Moss can also be used in carnivorous houseplant gardens.

To learn more about our fresh and preserved moss click here.

We also offer fresh Moss Poles; our Moss Poles add humidity and encourage growth in your plant as well as provide support. Click here to learn more about Moss Poles.

Crocodile Fern (Microsorum musifolium) house plant held up to camera with hand on white background. Leaves resemble crocodile skin

Crocodile Fern

The Crocodile Fern (Microsorum Musifolium Crocodyllus) is a popular houseplant that gets its name from its unique, crocodile-like texture. This plant is a member of the Polypodiaceae family and is native to tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Australia. One of the most striking features of the Crocodile Fern is its unusual fronds. The fronds are leathery and wavy, resembling the skin of a crocodile, and have a dark green colour. The plant can grow up to 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide, making it a great choice for a statement plant in any room. The Crocodile Fern is a great air-purifying plant and can help to improve the air quality in your home. It’s also a non-toxic plant, so it’s safe to have around pets and children.

Crocodile Fern is known for its ease of care and low maintenance requirements. It thrives in bright, indirect light and prefers a well-draining soil mixture. This species also enjoys slightly higher humidity levels, making it ideal for terrariums or other enclosed environments.

The Crocodile Fern can be found here.

marble queen pothos devils ivy in 15cm pot on wooden box with blurry houseplant leaves in the background

Marble Queen Pothos

Marble Queen Pothos, sometimes also call Devils Ivy is one of the most popular, easy-to-care houseplants. The plant will thrive in a bright spot in your home or workplace. Can be hanging or climbing on a moss pole.

It can grow in bright, indirect light as well as moderate to lower light conditions, making it perfect for home or workplace. It is a fantastic natural air purifier that looks great in a hanging basket allowing for its stunning natural leaves to bring a stunning touch of greenery to your home or office.

The Marble Queen Pothos can be found here.

That was our list of 5 recommended air-purifying houseplants that will instantly bring a tranquil sense of nature to any home or office environment. All houseplants are available both from our website and in person at our store on Constitution Street in Aberdeen. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and we hope you have a wonderful day.

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