We make beautiful things with moss.

Moss is the oldest plant in the world, it has been around for over 400 million years! It is a hugely versatile plant, ideal for everything from a soil mix to wall art.

All moss, even preserved moss, is exceptional at cleaning the air. Just a small lawn sized patch of moss absorbs more carbon than 275 trees. Adding moss to your home not only brings natural beauty, but it improves the air quality too.

Read on below to discover our mosses and their uses or click below to shop all our moss products.

Fresh Moss

We handpick our fresh moss in the North East of Scotland ourselves. We make agreements with local landowners who carry out various disruptive operations in the forest which disturbs or destroys the moss.

Extendable Moss Poles

Moss poles help your humidity loving plants grow. They emulate the natural jungle environment, drawing in the aerial roots of the plant which results in bigger leaves with more fenestration and accelerated growth.

Our moss poles are made using beech dowels, which are treated in Danish Oil for protection. We then wrap the pole in our sphagnum moss – green, pink or a striped mix of both. The poles are then finished off with natural jute twine.

Our poles are extendable too, so start of with a base pole and then add as many extensions as you like. They simply screw into each other.

Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum moss is a very useful plant which grows in wet acidic areas.

It is an excellent option for propagation, making a moss pole or to mix into your soil substrate to improve water retention.

Cushion Moss

Enhance your indoor space with the natural elegance of Cushion Moss. This captivating plant not only adds a touch of green beauty but also purifies the air, creating a healthier environment. It has low maintenance needs, making it perfect for any space.

Our cushion moss makes a beautiful addition to your terrarium or moss bowl. These buns of moss also make for a perfect addition to a tranquil Japanese Garden.

Carpet Moss (Hypnum)

Immerse yourself in tranquility with our Carpet Moss, typically found in shadowy forest lands and along streams, providing an authentic piece of the wild for your space.

Despite originating from specific environments, it thrives easily in your home, requiring minimal care – a simple touch of humidity and indirect sunlight. Reflecting an intersection of eco-friendly luxury and functionality, our Carpet Moss makes an ideal, sustainable choice for those that are environmentally aware but also eco-conscious.

This moss is ideal both indoors and outdoors. Use as a soil topper, in a terrarium or create a full moss lawn.

Revitalise your living environment with a breath of fresh, forest air with our carpet moss.

Feather Moss

With its intricate feather-like structure and vivid emerald color, our Live Feather Moss adds a dash of luxurious elegance to your surroundings.

The appearance of this moss is often likened to delicate feathers, as their leaves are arranged in a way that gives them a feathery appearance. Each leaf is often divided into tiny, thread-like structures, giving an overall effect of a soft, lush carpet of green.

From home terrariums to garden landscapes, the versatile feather moss opens up endless possibilities.

Reindeer Moss (Lichen)

Reindeer moss is not actually a moss at all, it is a lichen. These are fascinating complex organisms that exist in a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an alga.

We try not to gather a lot of reindeer moss as it takes a very long time to grow, but sometimes it finds itself amongst our other mosses. When we don’t have our own, we import responsibly harvested moss from Norway.

Reindeer moss looks great in your terrarium, vivarium or bonsai garden. Its complex structure add a fascinating element that turns heads. It also is the perfect accompaniment to your airplants.

Preserved Moss

Preserved moss is a type of moss that has been specially treated to maintain its structure and color for a long period of time. It is often used in interior design, crafting, and floristry for its unique texture, natural appeal, and low-maintenance care needs.

One of the many amazing things about preserved moss is that even in this state, it still absorbs pollution from the air.

We import our preserved moss from trusted and responsible sources.

Preserved Moss Art Wood Frames
Preserved Reindeer Moss

Our preserved reindeer moss has all the benefits of fresh moss with non of the care requirements. This moss will last for years and years without the need for any care.

The moss is treated with a solution of glycerin and water, which replaces the natural moisture in the plant but retains the soft texture and vibrant colour.

This moss can be hot glued to any surface, great for wall art in a box frame but you can be as adventurous as you like. For example, our preserved reindeer moss was used at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 to make a sign for the ‘pharmacy of plants’ exhibit.

You can find our Reindeer moss in a whole array of beautiful colours and the dye is non toxic. We recommend the moss is only used indoors and that it is not exposed to water.

Preserved Cushion Moss

These little green pillows are beautifully preserved. These are very quick to work with to create a moss bowl, display or wall art.

Our preserved cushion moss is a species of Bryophyta sp. and has a very intense green colour. Ideal if you want an eye catching effect.

Preserved Sheet/Carpet Moss

This moss has a darker green colour than the cushion moss. It can be used in all of the same ways as the other preserved mosses and enjoys the same benefits too.

Carpet moss is ideal for covering a larger amount of space. It can be a nice look in a design to mix up different kinds of mosses. The carpet moss is ideal to help spread out more vibrant colours while still keeping that lush fresh look.