Why Have Succulents and Cacti Become So Popular in The Last Few Years?

At the Highland Moss plant store, we see all kinds of different weird and wonderful houseplants come through our shop and be taken home by our wonderful customers. We have noticed in the last few years that one type of houseplant has surged in popularity and that is the succulent and cacti.

These captivating and resilient plants have captured the hearts of both seasoned gardeners and budding enthusiasts alike. From their delightful variety of shapes and colours to their reputation as the ultimate low-maintenance companions, succulents have woven themselves into the fabric of modern plant culture. What exactly has driven this succulent and cactus surge in popularity? In this blog, we’ll discuss the captivating factors that have transformed these desert-dwellers into household must-haves, exploring the aesthetic, practical, and societal reasons behind the succulent phenomenon. Join us as we unravel the mystery behind why succulents have become the green darlings of our generation.

Diverse Variety

Succulents and cacti present a stunning array that accommodates diverse aesthetic preferences. Whether it’s the graceful rosettes of Echeveria, the cascading elegance of String of Pearls, the robust charm of the Jade plant or the elegance of Euphorbia, there exists a succulent to suit every inclination. The kaleidoscope of colours, forms, and textures transforms them into a collector’s paradise. Moreover, the ongoing introduction of novel hybrid varieties ensures the succulent realm retains an ever-changing and enthralling allure.

Low Maintenance

As we all know, life can get hectic at times. Not everyone has the spare time, or houseplant know-how, to take care of highly demanding and difficult houseplants. This is where succulents and cacti excel! They are sturdy houseplants with the ability to store water in their leaves, thus allowing for less frequent watering. If you are a serial houseplant murderer, then a succulent may be your best friend!

Space Savers

Living within flats or small homes emphasises the value of every square inch. Here are succulents and cacti, they are petite and space-efficient, seamlessly adorning window ledges, and workstations. Their adaptability allows plant lovers in small flats or with limited outdoor space to cultivate a green oasis. If you have limited free living or workspace but want to bring some nature and greenery, then a succulent is a wonderful addition to any home or office.

Therapeutic Abilities

Research indicates that engaging with plants possesses the capacity to alleviate stress and enhance one’s emotional state. Nurturing plants, with their calming forms and hues, can evolve into a contemplative practice. Additionally, their existence contributes to air purification, fostering healthier indoor environments.

three Large Euphorbia Trigona African Milk Tree Cactus in terracotta pots. all outside in front of main shop window, one on a chair

Aesthetic Appeal

Amidst the era of social media dominance, where aesthetics reign supreme, succulents and cacti have emerged as the favoured stars on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Their harmonious forms and vivid tones create posts that are visually flawless, propelling their virtual prominence. Those plants have become a go-to houseplant for set dressing in photos or for event spaces.


In a world increasingly driven by visual allure and online presence, succulents and cacti have blossomed into veritable celebrities on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Their captivating forms and vibrant colours translate effortlessly into picture-perfect posts, capturing the attention and admiration of countless online users. This rise to virtual stardom is not solely a matter of aesthetics, but a testament to how these hardy plants have transcended their natural habitat to become cherished symbols of beauty and resilience in the digital age.

As we’ve explored the factors contributing to the remarkable popularity surge of cacti and succulents, it’s evident that their appeal extends far beyond their physical attributes. From their low-maintenance nature that suits our busy lives to their capacity to create serene moments of meditation, succulents offer a holistic connection between nature and modern living. Their adaptability to various spaces, whether it’s a cosy apartment or a sunlit office desk, further cements their place as ideal companions in our urban environments.

So, whether you’re an avid plant enthusiast, a design aficionado, or simply someone looking for a touch of tranquillity in your space, those plants offer something truly special. From their humble origins in arid landscapes to their status as social media sensations, succulents remind us that even in a rapidly evolving world, the beauty of nature remains timeless and endlessly inspiring.

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