To admit your plant into the plant hospital, please tell us about your plant in the following form. We will get back to you as soon as we can, but as this is a free service and we are a small business it may take a few weeks. Please note that answers to many of your concerns can be found in our care guide and articles, which cover common issues and solutions. We encourage you to check these resources for immediate assistance before submitting your plant hospital form.

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Section 1 – The Basics

It is ok if you don't know the full name, just write 'I don't know' if you have no idea!
Please describe the issue you are experiencing with your plant.
Ideally you will provide us with a phot of the whole plant, and then some close ups of the particular areas concerning you.

Section 2 – Plant Care

How much light does the plant get?*
Remember, only light from the sun will affect plants. Normal light bulbs will not affect your plant.
How often does your plant get watered?*
If none of these answers quite fit, pick the closest one.
What is the average temperature of the plants environment?*
What are the humidity conditions like?*

Section 3 – Troubleshooting Information

Does the nursery pot have drainage holes?*
Do you check if the soil has dried out before watering again?*
For how long have you had this plant?*
For example a coire based mix, general houseplant soil (like from B&Q) or something specific for this plant (like our Aroid mix).
If you are aware of the plant ever having had a pest issue in the past, please provide any and all information you have.
Can you see any of the following on or around your plant?*
You can use the torch on your phone and the camera zoom to help you see. these photos are super close ups so to the naked eye they may just look like blobs!

[A] Mealybugs

[B] Green Aphids

[C] Black Aphids

[D] Fungus Gnats

[E] Thrips

[F] Springtails

[G] Scale on leaves

Thank you for completing the form. Hit submit below to admit your plant into our Plant Hospital and we will get back to you as soon as possible, but it may take a few weeks due to our limited time & resources.

Mossbot is here to provide you with guidance for your plant problems. It is always learning but has proven to make great suggestions. Speak to Mossbot naturally but try to give clear, accurate information to get the best results.