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  • Selaginella Apoda Wire Fern Spike Moss 8cm pot Houseplants easy care 3
    Pet Friendly
    Selaginella Apoda Wire Fern Spike Moss 8cm pot Houseplants easy care 4

    Selaginella Apoda Wire Fern Spike Moss 8cm pot


    The Selaginella Apoda, also known as the Rainbow Moss, Spike Moss or the Wire Fern, is a beautiful and versatile plant that is perfect for use in terrariums. With its delicate, lacy foliage and vibrant green colour, this plant


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  • Terrarium Plant Bundles Make Your Own Terrarium Houseplants begoniaTerrarium Plant Bundles Make Your Own Terrarium Houseplants begonia 2

    Terrarium Plant Bundles Make Your Own Terrarium

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    Introducing our beautiful terrarium plant bundle, the perfect addition to your indoor plant collection. Our bundle includes a selection of high-quality, humidity-loving plants that are suitable for terrariums. Each bundle is unique and may include a variety of different species, chosen at random to ensure that you receive a diverse and interesting selection of plants.

    These plants have been carefully selected to thrive in the high-humidity environment of a terrarium, and they are perfect for creating a lush, small closed oasis in your home. Whether you’re an experienced terrarium maker or just starting out your first adventures with making small eco-system, our plant bundle is the perfect way to get started on your next project.

    The plants in our bundle are usually in 5-6cm pots, but some of them may be slightly larger. They can be split into smaller sections and used in the same or another terrarium project, giving you even more options for creating your ideal indoor garden.


    Mini- 3 plants perfect for your smaller container

    Medium- 4 plants ideal for medium size terrarium

    Maxi- 5 terrarium plants which will fill in even larger glassware


    Materials you need to create a terrarium:

    • Terrarium Soil: A specialist blend that is tailored for humidity-loving plants
    • Sphagnum Moss: Helps with water retention and improves drainage
    • Activated Charcoal: To prevent mould and provide an additional layer of filtration
    • Drainage layer: Stones or clay pebbles for added drainage
    • Selection of Humidity-loving plants: A variety of plants that thrive in high-humidity environments
    • Decorative Stones: To add a decorative touch around your plants
    • Cushion or Sheet Moss: To add a natural touch around your plants
    • Additional decorations: Use crystals, favourite ornaments, pieces of wood, bark or anything else you want
    • Glass container: can be closed or opened, the best is made of clear glass

    Need extra help

    If you prefer a super easy way to start with your terrarium project, we also offer large, eco-glass terrarium kits that include everything you need to create a beautiful terrarium, from the closed container with a cork lid to the soil, moss, and plants. Our website also has an article on how to make a terrarium with step-by-step instructions, helpful advice, and answers to frequently asked questions to help you get started.


    Pictures represent examples of plants. If you looking for pets friendly selection please email us [email protected]

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