5 Benefits of Moss: Why it’s Great for Your Garden

Moss is a versatile plant which can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor projects and offers a lot of benefits for your garden. While some may view moss as a nuisance or simply a weed growing in a dark corner of their garden, it can actually be a valuable addition to your outdoor space. In this article, we will explore the five benefits of moss and why it’s great for your outdoor area.

Low Maintenance

Moss is incredibly low maintenance and unlike grass or other plants that require regular mowing and fertilizing, moss can thrive without any attention from you. Moss doesn’t have roots, which means it doesn’t need soil to grow. This makes it an ideal plant for areas where other plants struggle to survive, such as in areas with poor soil or high foot traffic. Moss doesn’t require lots of sunlight so will be perfect for darker parts of your garden where other plants didn’t thrive.

Eco Friendly & Air Purifying

Unlike traditional grass lawns, which require a lot of fertilizer, moss can grow naturally without any added chemicals or resources.

Moss is known to have air-purifying properties and has the ability to absorb pollutants from the air, including carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide, and convert them into nutrients. This makes moss an excellent natural air filter, helping to improve the air quality in your outdoor space, especially in highly polluted areas. Additionally, moss like other plants also releases oxygen into the air during photosynthesis, which can further enhance the air quality in your garden. So your new moss garden not only looks beautiful but also contributes to a healthier environment by cleaning the air.

Beautiful and Natural Look

Moss will add a beautiful, natural look to your garden. With its colour in a variety of shadows of green, and soft texture, moss will help you to create an interesting landscape with different colours and textures turning your garden into a lush paradise with an inviting atmosphere.

Natural Weed Barrier

If you don’t want to waste time on pulling weeds from your precious garden then moss is the best solution! Moss grows densely and spreads quickly preventing weeds from taking root and spreading around your outdoor space. This way you can reduce the amount of time, effort and money you spend on wedding your garden and focus on enjoying your garden instead.

Helps to Retain Water

Moss has the ability to absorb and hold water like a sponge, this way can help to retain moisture in your garden and prevent water from evaporating too quickly. This way other plants in your garden can benefit from access to the water and as a result thrive.

Before and After Moss

Moss Lawn by Briarblue Garden Design. Before & After Planting Moss Supplied by Highland Moss

The product (Hypnum moss) is fantastic.

Has turned our hedgehog house into a little hobbit home!
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