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  • Leca Clay Pebbles Brown 3 Litres Leca Clay Pebbles clay pebbles 3

    Leca Clay Pebbles Brown 3 Litres


    Leca clay pebbles are a must have for any plant pro! We have these balls available in the natural brown colour which makes your plant look even better!

    These pebbles offer many benefits:

    • Increase soil drainage
    • Increase humidity
    • Use as a growing medium for a semi-hydroponic setup
    • Use for cuttings propagation
    • Easy to watch growth on roots
    • Reduced risk of getting pests

    How to use:

    Wash the pebbles with plenty of water before using them. Fill the container with around 2-3cm of leca, then put the plant/cutting and fill it up with more pebbles. Fill the pot with water, if necessary use only hydro fertilizer.

    3l weight 1kg and will fill in 17cm pot or  3 x 10cm pots


    • The product contains little organic substance
    • pH value: 6.5 – 9.8
    • Salt Content: 1.0 g/Litre

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