10 Houseplants That Are Perfect for Your Workspace

Even though we call them houseplants, these wonderful green delights can be found in almost every kind of business or workplace. From boutiques and cafes to hotel foyers and offices, houseplants have managed to work themselves into our daily lives. Their vibrant green leaves, air-purifying capabilities and calming nature make them a perfect addition to any workspace. Plants have the incredible ability to decrease stress level and boost the mood of your staff and customers!

From the iconic snake plant that requires minimal fuss to the large monstera, with its iconic leaf silhouette high-end boutiques, houseplants have rooted themselves firmly in the heart of interior décor. In this blog post, we will list 10 houseplants that we feel are perfect for workspaces and give examples of where they can be used.

1. Snake Plant

Originating from tropical West Africa, the snake plant has made a name for itself in households and workplaces worldwide. Its tall, rigid, sword-shaped leaves stand proudly with a distinctive pattern on a deeper green backdrop, often edged with a subtle yellow. The snake plant is a great-looking and low-maintenance houseplant that would look brilliant on your desk bringing some greenery to typically dull office spaces. Being low maintenance means this houseplant can put up with being left over weekends and if you take annual leave you don’t have to worry about pestering coworkers to keep an eye on it.

Alongside being low maintenance, snake plants have been found to be air-purifying. This houseplant can remove harmful toxins such as formaldehyde and xylene from the air making it perfect for desks in stuffy offices and desks away from windows.

However, a word of caution for workplaces that accommodate pets: the snake plant can be mildly toxic when ingested. It’s best kept in areas where curious pets won’t be tempted to take a bite.

Snake Plants can be found on our website by clicking the below button.

2. Mini Terrariums

Mini terrariums are delightful microcosms that bring a touch of nature into indoor spaces. These compact ecosystems, often housed in clear containers like glass jars, cloches, or vases, can serve as decorative pieces and even as a therapeutic hobby. Mini terrariums are captivating little worlds that fit right on your desk, shelf, or windowsill.

Amid deadlines, emails, and meetings, imagine a tiny slice of nature sitting right beside your computer, offering a serene escape. Here come mini terrariums – compact, easy to maintain, and a brilliant addition to any workspace.

Most terrariums are self-sufficient so even the most prolific plant serial killer will be able to care for a terrarium and let it thrive. Our terrariums are self-contained ecosystems that are kept in glass containers making them perfect for desk space as well as table decorations for restaurants and bars.

Why not add sprigtails to make your terrariums more bioactive and self-regulating?

Sprigtails are tiny insects that act as janitors for your terrarium, these creatures help break down decomposing matter which will add more nutrients to the soil allowing your terrarium to thrive. Sprigtails also keep the terrariums clean and regulate humidity levels whilst adding to the natural beauty and complexity of these ecosystems in a bottle.

More information about the types of terrariums we offer can be found by clicking the button below.

3. Marimo Moss Balls

The unique Marimo moss balls trace their origins to the freshwater lakes of countries like Japan, Estonia, Iceland, Russia, and Scotland. Their formation is the art of nature; fragments of the algae Aegagropila linnaei are swirled around by water currents, on the bottom of cold lakes, gradually taking on the iconic spherical shape over time. They are creating lush green, velvety balls which everyone loves.

Much like our terrariums, our marimo moss balls are self-sufficient in glass containers, making them the perfect companion houseplant that can be an interesting talking point on restaurant tables instead of typical decorations like plastic flowers.

With their low-maintenance nature, moss balls are the perfect plant companions for novices. Their resilience and ability to thrive with minimal care make them a favourite among seasoned plant enthusiasts. No need for direct sunlight, just occasional water changes (when water gets cloudy) and gentle massages of the balls to retain their shape and health.

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4. Pothos

If you walk into modern cafes, boutiques, and hotels there is a high likelihood you will find the glossy heart-shaped leaves of the Pothos, also known as the “devil’s ivy”, adorning the interior. This resilient houseplant, with its cascading vines, has become a preferred choice for businesses looking to infuse a touch of nature into their space.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the ambience they create, understanding that a customer’s experience goes beyond just products or services. The presence of greenery, like Pothos, has been linked to increased feelings of calm and relaxation. For stores aiming to offer a respite from the urban hustle or a moment of tranquillity, incorporating such plants into their decor can subtly enhance the customer experience.

In the era of social media, every corner of a store can become a potential photo spot. A well-placed Pothos, with its elegant tendrils and vibrant leaves, can easily become a backdrop that visitors are eager to capture and share – offering an organic promotion for the business.

Please note that pothos can also be toxic to animals if ingested so please keep out of reach.

Click below to find out more about Pothos and other hanging vine houseplants.

5. Succulents

Succulents have become increasingly popular in workplace settings due to their aesthetic appeal and minimal care requirements. They’re an excellent way to introduce a touch of nature into professional settings, be it a large office, a cosy workspace, or even a home office.

Unlike many other plants, succulents require minimal care. Water them sparingly, provide some light, and they’re good to go. Perfect for busy professionals! Studies have shown that plants in the workplace can reduce stress and promote well-being. The simple act of having greenery around can be calming. Their compact size means they fit comfortably on desks, shelves, or communal spaces without taking up too much real estate.

A popular trend with succulents is grouping various succulents together to form a mini succulent garden or decorative display that shows off these wonderful houseplants. These displays can serve as a centrepiece for communal areas as well as popular window displays in shopfronts.

Succulents also can be used for set-dressing for backgrounds in product photography, grouping a diverse range of succulents together, can creating a pleasing serene background that breaks up typical boring product photography.

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6. Peace Lily

In the realm of interior plant decor, the Peace Lily, or Spathiphyllum, stands out as a timeless favourite. Its glossy green leaves contrasted with pristine white flowers make it a symbol of serenity and sophistication, which many businesses are keen to incorporate into foyers or waiting rooms.

The ambiance of a business can impacts customer perceptions and experiences. The subtle beauty of the Peace Lily contributes to a setting that feels both welcoming and premium. Whether it’s a hotel lobby, a spa reception, a cafe corner, or a corporate office, the Peace Lily fits well, elevating the space’s aesthetics.

In a world where sustainability and well-being are paramount, businesses using plants like the Peace Lily are often viewed as being more eco-conscious and attentive to environmental well-being. The Peace Lily is a great houseplant for removing toxins from the air while also providing that aesthetic appeal.

Much like the snake plant, peace lilies can be toxic if ingested so it is important to keep this plant out of reach of children and animals.

Our peace lilies can be found by clicking below.

7. Cacti

Much like our succulents, cacti have also become such a popular houseplant that adorn desks across the country. The popularity is due to the large variety of cacti available, from tall slender cacti to short round cacti, they come in diverse shapes and sizes. There are even types of cacti that bloom with beautiful colourful flowers.

Cacti are a wonderful houseplant to have on desktops as they are incredibly low maintenance and can still thrive without the need to constantly water. Water these houseplants sparingly, provide them with some natural light and they will be content.

Be careful when adding cacti to your workspaces as their prickly pins can cause irritation and pain if someone were to accidentally rub their hands against the body of the cactus. We would recommend keeping cacti away from touchpoints on your desk to avoid accidents.

Click below to see the different cacti we have available at Highland Moss.

8. Spider Plant

The spider plant is another classic houseplant that can be commonly found in offices and workplaces across the UK. This houseplant is a fantastic, easy-to-care-for plant, that adds a brilliant eye-catching pop of vibrant green to any space.

Spider Plants have proven to be great air-purifying houseplants, making them perfect for stuffy offices or areas that are away from windows and direct airflow. This houseplant is non-toxic to animals, making it the perfect plant for pet-friendly offices and cafes with a lot of our furry friends.

These houseplants can look great in hanging baskets that allow their long thin leaves to dangle over or in planters on desks adding a soothing natural aesthetic.

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9. Black Raven ZZ Emerald Palm Plant

A bit of a rarer houseplant that takes our number 9 spot on this list is the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Black Raven, this uncommon houseplant is the perfect addition to your office or storefront!

This exquisite plant is known for its unique black and shiny foliage. Its leaves are thick and shiny, with a deep green, almost black colour getting darker as the leaf matures.

This hardy plant is perfect for beginners, as it requires minimal maintenance to thrive. It can tolerate low light conditions and underwatering. The plant can tolerate long periods of neglect, making it an excellent choice for those who may not have the time, experience, or energy to devote to more high-maintenance plants. This houseplant can be found in office entrances/receptions as well as in shopfront windows to bring a splash of deep dark greens to sometimes colourless window displays. 

Click below for more information about the Black Raven ZZ.

10. Large Monstera (with a Moss Pole)

And finally, we end with the poster child of houseplants with one of the most easily recognisable leaves, the Monstera is a fantastic houseplant that can be used to turn boring offices and rooms into spectacular indoor jungles.

It is not just offices that can benefit from adding monsteras, with their large leaves and recognisable silhouette, monsteras are the perfect houseplant for set dressing for product photography. We recently supplied monsteras, and other houseplants, as background plants for a live podcast that was recorded in an office in the city centre of Aberdeen. The podcast was a great success and we felt the addition of houseplants gave a cosier, friendlier environment.

Now the monstera can grow the quite large sizes so it would not be recommended for smaller offices or cafes with limited space. If you have a monstera that has grown large, then we would recommend adding a moss pole for added support and to help your monstera thrive.

The monstera is a fantastic houseplant with its large distinctive leaves making it a beautiful statement piece for large open office spaces, boutique stores and hairdressers.

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That’s our list of 10 different kinds of houseplants that work perfectly in different workplaces. This is not an exhaustive list, there are so many houseplants that are suitable for workspaces. If you see a houseplant that you feel would be perfect for your work, please get in touch and we can make recommendations for the perfect houseplant. We hope we’ve made you think about your own spaces, be those offices, cafes, and hotels, maybe you want to add a splash of natural greenery to boost the mood. Why not check out our online store or visit us in person to see these houseplants up close and personal to see which ones would look best in your space?

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