Brown Toadstool Mushrooms 5pcs Craft and Art

Bring home a touch of woodland magic and elevate your craft projects with these brown toadstool mushrooms. Add a splash of colour to your moss art, wreath or succulent garden.

Dive into the creative world of craft and artistry with our set of 5 beautifully crafted brown toadstool mushrooms. Finished in white and brown natural colours  Each mushroom is finished with white paper steam and a brow velvet cap in natural colours, effortlessly capturing the essence of nature. Looks very similar to porcini 🙂

Those mushrooms are ideal for:

  • succulent and terrarium garden
  • preserved moss art
  • resin projects
  • Christmas wreaths
  • garlands
  • Christmas tree branches
  • gift packaging decoration
  • cake and muffin toppers
  • and more, let your imagination run wild!



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