Preserved Reindeer Moss MEDIUM GREEN BULK

We offer a range of stunning preserved and soft Norwegian Reindeer Moss, which can be utilised in various creative applications such as moss walls, moss bowls, succulent gardens, and moss art.

This vibrant moss is available in multiple colours, giving you the freedom to be creative with whatever you choose to create.

The bulk box is perfect for bigger projects:

Box size: 39x20x10cm

Weight: 450-650g (depending on the moss, including packaging)

Each box will cover an area of approximately 50cm x 40cm

Please note that the moss is not hand cleaned by us and can include some pine needles, wood, leaves etc.

For larger quantities, there may be an additional processing time of up to 7 working days. If you need your moss asap please contact us.


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Preserved moss offers several advantages:

  1. Safety: It is safe to handle and use.
  2. Low maintenance: Unlike living moss, preserved moss requires no care. Does not need water.
  3. Soft, Natural, and Delicate: The preserved moss maintains its soft texture and natural appearance, providing your projects with an authentic and delicate feel.
  4. Long-lasting: Preserved moss is designed to last indefinitely, ensuring your creations retain their beauty for years.
  5. Air purifying: Even though the moss is preserved, it still continues to clean the air of dust particles
  6. Sound absorbing: Preserved moss is great at absorbing sound, so a moss wall in a busy office space for example would be ideal to take the edge off of distracting or annoying sounds in open spaces.

Another benefit of preserved moss is its lightweight nature, as it contains no water. This makes it easy to work with and suitable for various installations including attaching the moss to walls and frames.

It’s important to note that consistent exposure to bright sunlight may cause the moss to fade over time. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep it away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.

The moss is preserved but still natural, and may contain pine needles, small pieces of wood, or differences in colour.

Please note that the colours of our preserved Norwegian Reindeer Moss may vary slightly. Lighting conditions, screen settings, and natural colour variations can affect the perceived colour. We provide accurate representations, but exact colour matches cannot be guaranteed. The unique beauty and charm of the natural, preserved moss lie in its colour variations. We cannot offer refunds or exchanges based solely on colour discrepancies.