You have your moss pole, have it fitted into your pot and your plant is nice and tidy and ready to bond and thrive. But, this is no coir pole and you want to keep your moss nice and fresh. Allow us to give you some handy tips in our guide here.

It is important to note, the moss will dry out over time and it all depends on your environment. However, even when the moss is on the dry side, it will still function perfectly in supporting your plant and giving it a place to grow her roots. So don’t panic if your pole is dry, with a good soak the moss will spring back!

Video Overview

Method 1 – Spray Bottle

Simply use a spray bottle and soak the moss all around. This works best if the moss is still moist, if it is completely dried out you should use another method and then stay on top of it with frequent misting.

Method 2 – Power Spray

If you have a larger pole or it needs a really good soak, a pressure sprayer may be a better option.

These are available at most supermarkets during Spring and Summer or any large garden centre.

Method 3 – Funnel

One of the easiest and most effective ways we have found of soaking a moss pole is with a simple kitchen funnel and a container of water.

All you need to do is take your kitchen funnel, poke the spout in through the moss at a 45° angle and then slowly pour in the water.

This method is great as it lets you really soak the moss without any pressure or excess water going into the soil.

Other Methods

There are other ways to care for your moss pole too. For example, some people soak the pole (and plant) in the shower and others may choose to remove the pole and let it bathe in a container of water. Do you have any creative ways of maintaining your moss pole? If so let us know!