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Maranta Leuconeura Fascinator Prayer Plant

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Maranta Fascinator is a beautiful variety with deep, pink stripes on leaves. These fast-growing, easy-to-care and pet-friendly plants are one of the most popular choices for gifts and beginners.

Maranta’s were given their name after the famous Italian 16th-century Botanist Bartolomeo Maranta. But they have received the common name “Prayer Plant” after an interesting adaptation they have formed to save energy during the night. Once the light level has dropped and it has become dark the flat leaves of the Maranta fold upwards almost perfectly in half giving it the appearance of praying hands.


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Maranta’s are another wonderfully special houseplant, their highly decorative leaves come in a range of tones and colours and offer a real spectacle of natural beauty inside the home. This genus of plant belongs to the Marantacease family, meaning Maranta fall into the same family as Calatheas, sometimes sharing a strong resemblance to each other and can often be mistaken for one another. There are an estimated 50 species within the genus that consist of clump-forming perennials that grow from rhizomes. The majority of species that have made their way into our homes are native to Brazil but the rest of the genus can be found scattered across the tropical forests of South America and with a few species also growing in the West Indies.

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