MIXED Green and Pink Moss Pole

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Made with fresh, sustainably sourced sphagnum moss. Our handmade moss poles are the perfect way to support your plant and encourage growth.

Some quick moss pole notes:

  • Handmade to order.
  • We only use sustainably sourced  sphagnum moss. No peat bogs are harmed!
  • No plastic used and we wrap in eco friendly packaging too.
  • Moss poles can add humidity and encourage growth in your plant as well as provide support.
  • Available from 40cm – 70cm (length of entire pole)
  • We also have mini moss poles and extendable poles available.

Perfect for Monstera and climbing plants with aerial roots which retains water moisture from the moss such as Pothos and Philodendron. Moss poles don’t just provide support and stability, they give your plant a more natural environment. This stimulates growth and helps grow larger leaves.

Which size should I get?

You can get a pole or extension in two thickness variations:

  • Skinny – With a thinner bamboo pole and moss neatly wrapped around it – approximately 2 inches diameter
  • Chunky – With a thicker bamboo pole and a generous amount of moss – approximately 3 – 4 inches diameter

Please check the height of your plant to choose the best length of the pole. If you are between sizes it is better to go for the bigger size as the plant will grow.

We recommend a pole about 10-20cm taller than the height of your plant.

Allow approximately 10cm for the length of the stake going into the soil.

Please note that this is natural moss without any dye, so there will be some variations in colours.

We make each moss pole to order so please allow a little extra time for us to make it before it is despatched.

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