Marble Queen Pothos – Brown Tips

Diagnosis & Prescription

Patient Name

Epipremnum Pinnatum Marble Queen Pothos


Brown tips



There can be a few reasons and the best way to find out the cause is by process of elimination:

  • Low humidity
  • Consistent underwatering
  • Too much fertiliser
  • Built up soil
  • Flouride in soil


Cut dry tips or leave as it won’t harm the plant. If the issue is related to soil, repot the plant into fresh soil.

Let the soil dry out between waterings but don’t keep it dry for too long time. Increase humidity by providing a humidifier, trays with clay pebbles and water or gather plants tougher. if your tap water is rich in minerals use rain water for your plants. Decrease amount of plant food as sometimes less is more than enough for them.

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