Ways to earn rewards

Points for purchase

1 point for each £2.00 spent

Earn 1 point for every £2 spent, which you can then redeem for a discount, or a special reward.

Place 5 orders for a bonus 25 points

+25 points

Once you have placed 5 orders you will be able to redeem this perk for a bonus 25 points.

Refer a friend

You get points : 50
Your friend gets points : 50

Share your unique code with your friends and when they sign up and make a purchase, both of you will get bonus points! Show moreShow less

Join us and reap the rewards

+25 points

Create an account and instantly get a points boost!

Leave a review, get perks

+5 points

Earn 5 points when you leave a review on your purchases.

Get points on your birthday

+50 points

Our little gift to you to help you celebrate you!

Share us on Facebook

+10 points

Tell your friends about us and get an extra 10 points which you can use towards any of our rewards.

rewards opportunities

Redeem points for a cash discount

Use your points to get money off your order.

Get a 10% discount

Use your points to get a unique code for 10% off your next order

Free mini moss pole

Use your points to add a free mini moss pole with your next order of £10 or more.

Get free shipping

Use your points to claim free shipping on your next order - regardless of how much it is!

Free Shipping Silver

As a silver level member, you can trade points for free shipping. Simply trade 65 points to get this deal!

Free 100g Classic Moss

As a Bronze level or above member you can trade points to get 100g of moss for free.

Free 250g Classic Moss

Redeem points and get a free 250g bag of moss with your next order.

Free 3L Highland Moss Houseplant Soil

Claim a free 3L bag of our premium houseplant soil mix in exchange for points.

Cheaper Moss Poles

Use this reward to claim 10% off moss poles as a thank you for being a silver level member.

Free Shipping Gold

Trade points for free shipping - as a gold member this is reduced to just 55 points!