Caladium Care Guide


A bright spot


Try to keep the soil slightly moist. Towards the dormancy period gradually reduce watering.


Medium to high humidity preferred.


During the winter Caladium goes into its dormant period. During this period don’t fertilise or water the plant!
When the leaves die place the plants in a warm, dry place for a few weeks and cut off the dead leaves. You can store the tubers inside the pot with dry soil or in a paper or fabric bag filled with dry moss. Store in a cold and dry location. Put inside the pot or in the garden during spring. Plant about 3 cm to 5 cm inside the soil with the knobs or eye buds (spiky parts) facing up. If you want to plant in the garden, make sure that it will happen after the period with frost. You can also pot at home and then move to the soil in the garden when the frost has passed.