What is a moss bowl?

Moss bowls are low maintenance yet stunning and unique centrepieces. They look great on a coffee table and even a live moss bowl only requires an occassional misting.

They have become very popular, with even Khloe Kardashian using one in the centre of her livingroom.

We have made this guide to show you how to make your own. You can put together all the elements to make your moss bowl using our handy Moss Bowl Kit Builder and then follow along our video and guide to make your own.

Or, if you prefer, you can shop our range of live and preserved moss bowls here!

Live Moss Guide

Preserved Moss Guide

3 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Bowl

leca clay pebbles

Step 1

First add a layer of clay pebbles to your bowl.

Step 2

If you are using live moss then add a layer of soil designed for moss bowls. We have our own mix available here.

Step 3

Add the moss on top! Be as creative as you like, you can add half moss and half colourful pebbles. Add ornaments on top, candles (but take caution if you light them) or anything else beautiful or special you choose.